Given their puff of choice, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa fans collapsing is fairly standard behaviour. However, instead of drifting down with a bong and scooby snacks, it seems fans in Camden, New Jersey, hit the deck with a real shock last night.

Several fans needed hospital attention and terrified concertgoers fled the venue, according to reports. The rap megastars looked shocked and left the stage.

TMZ claims that fans were ‘packed like sardines into the venue’. The front rail reportedly gave way without warning, setting off a ‘domino effect’.

Neither Snoop nor Wiz made any reference to the frightening events on their Twitter accounts. Which will no doubt delight the injured fans.

Reports suggest more than 40 fans were hurt.

Ginger Clam once fell over at a Snoop gig – the rapper left his dressing room door open and the length of his ding dong made her faint.

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