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Could be an upset in Las Vegas. If he wins, here’s the five reasons it’ll happen:


5. Playing the underdog: Timothy Bradley has been playing the underdog role his whole life. Where has it got him? Undefeated. Granted his first fight with Manny Pacquiao was a loss — which he thinks it was a win — but he is out to prove it was no fluke in his mind.

4. He’s been here before: He’s already fought Pacquiao and knows what he is go-ing to do and doesn’t need a sparring partner to emulate Pacman’s moves. If Brad-ley sticks to his game plan and doesn’t try to get into a brawl and use his jab with movements — he could pull off the upset.

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3. He beat Juan Manuel Marquez: Pacquiao’s four fights with Marquez showed the world that Pacquiao wasn’t invincible. What did Bradley do in his sole fight with Marquez? He handily beat him last year in a fight that wasn’t even close. Bradley outboxed the boxer.

2. Age counts: It happens. People age, we age, fighters age; it’s just a simple fact of life. This isn’t the Pacquiao of years before. He’s 35, on his way out of his prime, while Bradley, at 30, is in the prime of his life. Fighters have a short shelf life and this could play a factor in the fight.

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1. Ghosts of 2012: Pacquiao was knocked out cold — most fighters in their careers won’t get knocked out the way he did against Marquez in 2012. If that plays on his mind and the fire is gone, Bradley could not only win — but score a knockout over the pride of the Phillipines. Many have counted Bradley out before fights have even happened… I wouldn’t this time ‘round.

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