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How do you solve a problem like Alec Baldwin? The talented, highly versatile actor, who’s a shoo-in for any casting notice using any combination of the words “attractive, mid-life crisis dad type,” may have the chops to keep his post-30 Rock career on the ascent, but his off-screen volatility seems to be curbing his chances at a successful third act.

Alec had only just begun his new gig as the host of MSNBC’s newest talk show, Late Night with Alec Baldwin, before the show was put on a two-week suspension after Alec was caught calling a paparazzo a “cocksucking fag” outside his apartment in New York City earlier this week. While Alec maintains that he had eschewed the homophobic slurs, referring, instead, to the gentleman in question as a “fathead” — a creative, albeit imaginary insult that nobody has ever called anyone else in the history of insults. 

Add this slight (read: major) setback to Baldwin’s list of previous offenses, including calling his then-12-year-old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig” on tape, his refusal to put away his cell phone on a plane, and his countless less-than-pleasant interactions with paparazzi, and we wonder what the remaining career options for this loose cannon might be. 

ESPN: Take it from John McEnroe — nobody at ESPN cares how loud, angry, or unpredictable a commentator is. As a former high school football player and current suit owner, Alec has more than enough credentials to take the mic for the famed sports network — and more than enough aggression to make a career out of it.  Plus, when even Al Gore’s Current TV fired loose cannon Keith Olbermann, it was ESPN that took him in.

Crossfire: Alec seems to love nothing more than a shouting match, and Crossfire, as was evidenced during the series’ first run, was nothing more than a shouting match. We’re sure outspoken Democrat Alec would have no trouble finding some more clever jabs than “fathead” for fellow panelist Newt Gingrich. 

New York politics: While Alec had previously abandoned a mayoral run in favor of renewing his 30 Rock contract, there’s no better time for him to try his hand at a political career than now. If there’s one thing Mike Bloomberg has taught the city, you can pretty much make up the rules as you go along.

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