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Those who are frequenters of the online layer of Hell known as BattleCam must be familiar with the concept of doing ridiculous, disgusting, possibly dangerous things for money or even simply the approval of fellow Cammers. Lewisefur is the ultimate enabler when it comes to these shenanigans and his show, Lewisefur’s Lounge, is all about the art of the dare.

Lewisefur, who literally lounges as he doles out his challenges, has gotten people to do some pretty extreme stuff. Greatest hits include: a girl who stuffed her bra and panties full of ice, a man who snorted hot sauce and pricked himself with thumbtacks and a man who drove a nail into each of his feet. And then there’s BattleCam user Ayyone, who put a nail through his scrotum, lit it on fire, and tore said scrotum while dealing with the fire. Feeling brave? Here it is.

Lewisefur himself is no stranger to baffling behavior. He’s been punched, smashed his face into glass, and if his Facebook fan page is any indication, is frequently seen with his face covered in blood.

If this isn’t gross enough for you, he also convinced user Alejandro-909 to cut off, eat and vomit back up his nipple.

Lewisefur frequently broadcasts live on FilmOn. Tune in here, if you dare.

Watch the antics of the FilmOn studio live:

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