The phenomenon that is–a social television network that has been described variously as “Jackass on steroids” and the ultimate fulfillment of Charles Darwin‘s life work–has spawned many devoted, even obsessed fans. Some of them are fixated on the creator of this lunatic universe, eccentric Greek billionaire Alki DavidCrazyboy13, aka John Bustillos, has gone so far as to light himself on fire to get David’s attention, and get married to another Battlecam devotee on live TV by David (who was wearing a Speedo and brandishing a certificate that entitled him to perform weddings legally).

Now Crazyboy13 seems out to top the stunt that rival Battlecammer Cavacho pulled last month when he got “Property of Alki David” tattooed on his body (Along with an interesting tattoo saying that uses his butthole as an “O” in an irreverent phrase: Read about that here.)

The fiend will have David’s face tattooed on his body on Sunday, August 3rd live on

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It all started when Crazyboy13 was trying to get David’s attention and acceptance so intensely, he set himself on fire during a stint on camera. He spent a long time in the hospital. He said he was done with Battlecam, but he would cam up from the hospital burned to a crisp, still trying to get Alki’s attention.

Later on he started going to the Beverly Hills studio and joining fights on Messi‘s show. The last show he was on, he got “hurt” again. Watch it here.

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He didn’t get the attention he needed so went on to delve into crazier and crazier things—like getting married and now this tattoo, which is believe to be the first tattoo of David’s face on a human body since the beginning of time.

Watch Battlecam now.

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