The hunt for Brian Laundrie, is officially over, as his remains have been found on a Florida hiking trail. The FBI has confirmed the news, but added that determining his cause of death may be challenging. Authorities only recovered his skeletal remains, which were identified through dental records

The remains of Gabby Petito fiancé were found last Wednesday, October 20 at the Carlton Reserve in North Port, Florida. They have been given to a forensic anthropologist for examination.

The discovery of Laundrie’s remains came only hours after some of his belongings, including clothing, a notebook and a backpack, were found during an initial search at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. His parents, Chris and Roberta, made the discovery after they told police they believed he’d gone to the reserve. The Medical Examiner accompanied the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office’s Human Remains Detection Team and a K-9 to the location in order to conduct the search.

Crime experts say the notebook may provide details on the circumstances of Laundrie’s disappearance and death. They also hope it will offer information on his involvement in Petito’s murder. Laundrie’s family doesn’t know what’s in the notebook, their attorney, Steven Bertolino, has revealed.

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