Ginger Clam’s fave nutty diva, Mariah ’50 shades of cray cray’ Carey, is back in the saddle – a gold-plated, diamond encrusted Aussie saddle.

Her ex-husband, Nick ‘blank’ Cannon’ might be back presenting lame ass TV shows, but Carey has upgraded to a billionaire Playboy (albeit one that looks like a cross between Family Guy and a giant chin decorated with arms and legs).

James Packer, one of Australia’s richest men, is now dating Lady Mariah. Packer was last seen nibbling Orlando Bloom’s stunning ex Miranda Kerr – the big dude is clearly obsessed with pulling women miles out of his league. Big pockets or is Packer packing a huge package? Either way the ladies seem to love a nibble.

Mariah is currently holed up in the billionaire’s yacht in Capri, Italy. The locals have been put on tsunami alert as that boat is going to be rocking.

According to Forbes (whoever he is), Packer is worth $4.6 billion. That should just about be enough to keep Mariah stocked up in champers and tampons.

Ginger Clam is wondering which celeb ex-wife Packer will aim for next? Kris Jenner, keep your legs crossed.

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