As we reported previously, Cavacho left the Cavahole after less than 24 hours — far short of his projected 30-day stint being filmed live at FilmOn’s Beverly Hills studios as a challenge from owner Alki David. He was driven into a rage over being unable to smoke a cigarette or receive a Nicotine patch, and this rage was further exacerbated by having water thrown on him. Cavacho kicked his way out of the Cavahole demanding vengeance, ultimately exiting the studio into the streets of Beverly Hills in only his underpants.

Not long after Cavacho’s exit, BattleCam users BongRip and Cruisin came to declare themselves King(s) of the Hole. BongRip tapped out after five hours, but Cruisin elected to stay. He was joined by Sara, a guest on Sam’s Pajama Party, who was told she had to remain in the Crusinhole in only her underwear for an unknown amount of time. This time bled into Janice Dickinson’s show. Janice was kind enough to join the two for a bit, demanding they twerk and slapping their asses. Much to Sara’s chagrin, Janice didn’t stay for long and left her alone — again — with Cruisin in his tiny castle.

BattleCam user BFT then arrived to comfort Sarah in the Crusinhole while Cruisin took a nap. Mostly, Sara was asked to show her butt, repeatedly, to pervy BattleCam user Curtis Croft, who recently made headlines when the police used Google Earth to find the marijuana he bragged online about growing in his yard.

When Justin and Natasha arrived — both Cruisin and Justin being former flames of the exotic dancer and BattleCam host — emotions escalated until Justin and Crusin resorted to fisticuffs, rolling around in the confines of the Crusin hold until BFT was able to pull them apart.

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