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Charlize Theron returned to the set of Saturday Night Live after 14 years to remind everyone – in case you forgot – that she is fucking perfect and the rest of us should just give up now on everything ever.

The A Million Ways to Die in the West star proved that she is not only sharp, a great actress, and the gorgeous face of Dior and every man’s dreams, but she’s hilarious too.

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I know, we are so fucked. When a supermodel is badass enough to don a fat suit in Midtown New York or a mullet wig for a good sketch, how can any of us compete?

And she did just that. Theron wasn’t afraid to get ugly for the sake of comedy. Anyone who chalked her up as just another pretty face quickly shoved a foot in their mouth when she came out unrecognizable in a brown wig, high-waisted mom pants, and huge glasses as motivational speaker Heshy’s new sidekick. Dressed like a cross between Mrs. Doubtfire and an 80s elementary school principal, Theron hip-thrusted to cheesy sound effects and dished out dating advice to middle-aged women.

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In the most memorable sketch of the night, Theron played a crazy cat lady at a cat rescue called “Whiskers R Us.” Alongside another cat lover played by Kate McKinnon, Theron sported a mullet wig, a hideously colorful turtleneck sweater, and a permanent scowl. McKinnon rejected Theron’s sexual advancements in between showing kittens up for adoption. No confirmation yet if simulated rejection is the only kind she has ever experienced. It’s okay, the laughing helps hide the pain.

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This was Theron’s second time hosting and she handled it like a pro. Her range as an actress carried the episode all the way to the top, making it one of the best episodes of the season. Dammit Charlize.

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