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When Chris Brown, 24, entered rehab for “anger management” it was on the heels of his latest altercation in Washington D.C.

The singer was arrested Oct. 27 after he assaulted a fan after who attempted to photobomb the singer while he was posing with a group of girls. He was released and the charges were dropped to a misdemeanor, but Breezy entered rehab the next day to “gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior,” according to his rep, Nicole Perna.

Initial reports said he would spend up to three months in the program, but he flew the coop last week, supposedly to start his community service sentence stemming from his 2009 assault on Rihanna.

“Chris is continuing his rehab program as an outpatient and is also completing his community service in the Los Angeles area,” Perna said Thursday. “He appreciates all of your encouragement and support.”

The troubled superstar still owes the city 1,000 hours of community service since he lied about completing the hours initially. A judge added the additional 1,000 hours for the fib and he’s still on probation for the Rihanna attack.

He’s also battling Frank Ocean‘s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte, in a countersuit for the alleged parking lot beat down that happened at a recording studio last summer. Duarte initially filed charges for assault and battery and has asked the singer to fork over $2 million in damages.

Amid his legal woes, Brown isn’t slowing down on his music.  The singer just announced he would drop a mixtape, X Files, on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

“X Files mixtape Tuesday Nov 19th, 5 songs,” he posted early Monday morning. “Since we pushed the album back to December 3, on 11-19-13 ima release 5 new songs just for my fans. Love y’all. These 5 are bangers so y’all better buy X’ dammit!! Lol.” (sic)

Brown is expected in a Los Angeles court room the following day for a probation status hearing on Nov. 20. There, his attorneys are expected to argue that the singer is taking control of his issues, but the quickie rehab stint may not be enough to satiate prosecutors who are allegedly gunning to get him behind bars.

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