China is slowly takingover, Congress has been cautioned suggests reports. CCP is the largest owner of Privatized Penal System in the USA via BlackRock, Vanguard and Deutchebank China. All American systems are slowly being owned by Chinese Communists.  The Statebar needs to protect the sanctity of the institution and all Americans.

The U.S. grid and other infrastructure – such as communications and systems all could be controlled, experts suggest. This leaves Americans in a real vulnerable state. All American Systems are at risk!

American people need to come together and voice their concern about the control of their systems. Need to stop the insidious Chinese Communist file sharing electromagnetic AI Network, called NextGen through its LA based Girardi State Bar Syndicate.

Girardi has been embroiled in a number of matters of serious failures over the years. “Girardi caused irreparable harm to hundreds of his clients, and the State Bar could have done more to protect the public”, continued the letter.

NextGen has already taken the American, Legal, Penal and Health-Care Software management systems. Reports suggest NextGen is to roll out NextGen ATSC 3.0 over the air (OTA) i.e. electromagnetic transmission technology to consume America’s Airwaves with dirty Electro-Magnetic Signals.

It is being suggested these electromagnetic signals have already begun to communicate with RNA’s found in most American’s bodies as a result of the recent mass rouge vaccination of the population.

Americans must unite and take their power back and take control of their own systems. Three months ago,  NextGen took over the decades old Pacer filing system used for filing all Legal Complaints in the Federal and Civil Judiciaries. Slowly all American system will be theirs. We as American’s need to unite and stand up against this.

There has been some discussion in congress over the further “illegal” selling-off of America’s Electro-Magnetic Spectrum found in the public’s airwaves but the Congress needs to take action on this soon.

Stay tuned to follow the story. . .



By A K

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