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With a litany of recent credits to his name – Zero Dark Dirty, 6 Degrees of Hell, From Rags to Reuben – that few mainstream moviegoers have likely heard of, it’s understandable why Corey Feldman would be interested in making public appearances to promote his work.

But Daily Mail UK reported Friday that the former child star-turned-tabloid headliner unexpectedly took to the opposite side of the red carpet – as a member of the press – to pose questions rather than answer them at a recent Hollywood premiere.

Dressed in a polyester suit from the ‘70s and hidden under makeup that made him look like a latter-day Tony Clifton, Feldman joined a throng of reporters at the premiere of The Ganzfeld Haunting Thursday to interview members of the film’s cast and crew on behalf of FilmOn.

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Unfortunately, Feldman was rebuffed in his efforts when Haunting’s stars Billy Zane and Rumer Willis failed to show – or perhaps saw through his disguise and avoided interviews.

Cowritten and directed by Michael Oblowitz, The Ganzfeld Haunting follows a group of psychology students who find reality shifting around them after holing up in an abandoned house for an ESP experiment. The film also stars Holt McCallany (Gangster Squad), Laura Wiggins (TV’s Shameless) and Dominic Purcell (TV’s Prison Break).

Although the stunt falls in line with bits performed by Martin Short, whose Jiminy Glick character has actually interviewed a number of high-profile media figures, Feldman’s appearance and demeanor more immediately recalls Clifton, late comedian Andy Kaufman’s onetime alter ego. Ironically, the Lost Boys and Stand By Me star eventually abandoned his spot on the red carpet and turned to interview passersby when his celebrity targets failed to show.

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Nevertheless, with some skilled editing, fans – and interviewees – might see footage from the event on Feldman’s new FilmOn talk show, Corey Feldman Presents: Corey’s Angels Talk Live. When the show premiered on January 28, Feldman said to expect the unexpected – and a usable bit from this ambitious but disappointing stunt certainly qualifies.

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