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If you’ve already watched Captain America, you may know that former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre had a minor role in the film. If you haven’t watched the Marvel flick, you still may have known about GSP’s role in it. Heck, I knew about his role in the film and when he was in town shooting at the Universal lot last year here in Los Angeles.

Let’s face it — St. Pierre’s acting in the B movies he’s been in has been just plain bad. I mean, so were the movies, so maybe it was expected he wouldn’t look like Brando in the films.

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But… GSP actually did a good job as Batroc in Stan Lee’s creation. I was expecting the worse and not hoping for the best, and I was pleasantly surprised by his acting as one of the villains battling Captain America.

St. Pierre, er, Batroc gave CA a run for his money; and before I slept through act II, I finally saw a fight Georges lose outright in. He pulled out his tricks, like his Superman punch, wrestling, and flip, but Captain America would prove too tough for him in the end.

Now we all know in real life, “Rush” would’ve beat the stuffing off of Chris Evans, but his parts were fun and entertaining.

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I don’t know if speaking in his native language (French) helped St. Pierre in the film, or if he enjoyed playing the bad guy and was that really him. Or is he really wanting to be the bad guy in real life so much, that playing an antagonist just came naturally?

I’m just speculating, have no idea about the inner workings and thoughts of St. Pierre, but I do know he won’t be getting into the Octagon anytime soon. That is a fact, and only time will tell if or when Canada’s champion will take another stab at the welterweight belt.

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