From the nutter who brought us filthy book covers on the subway, the comedian Scott Rogowsky is back at it again with a second zany episode!

The books are even more controversial than before and he’s even teamed up with a chick who’s also into some pretty wild thrillers herself, such as ‘Ass eating made simple’.

Once again the novels received mixed reactions, from commuters laughing out loud to just looking pissed off!

This is hardly suprising when one of the titles was named ‘How to fake your own death … by Prince’- the dude has taken it too far there!

Our favourite however has got to be ‘Gay Garfield’ with the cat seductively posing with speech bubbles saying “mmm … lasagna … and COCK!”

Gay Garfield apparently has adapted the orginal catch line and changed it to “I hate Mondays, but I love big sweaty balls!”

We can’t wait for what Scott and co read in part three!

* Watch the video below for more outrageous book names and if you love crazy shit like this head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos, plus live interactive TV.

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