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It looks like today it will be officially announced that David Beckham has been given an MLS soccer club, to be based in or around Miami, Florida. It’s not a huge surprise, as part of the deal to bring the now-retired Beckham over to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy in January 2007 included the unprecedented option for him to buy, after retirement, an expansion franchise at the fixed price of $25 Million, as long as it was not located in New York City. This would be the first soccer franchise in Miami, and Florida, since the Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny were folded in 2001.

At this point, Beckham does not appear to have a full-financing plan (Becks-buddy LeBron may get involved) nor a stadium building plan. What many are intrigued with is what the name of the club would be. ‘Miami Beckham United’ has been thrown out, but I think one could come up with a few better choices.

So here are 5 suggestions, counting down to our favorite:

5. South Beach Golden Balls: Taking the nickname of their sexy, underwear-modelling owner, combining it with the popular diet.

4. Miami Blowing Decisions: A mash-up of the Rod Temperton–penned Heatwave slow jam, potential partner Lebron James’ shared interests (he likes to make Decisions!) and other trippy things that go on down there.

3. Florida Fantasy: Taken from John Barry’s wonderfully Moog-y instrumental track off the Midnight Cowboy (1969) soundtrack, whose lead character Joe Buck (not the soporific Fox legacy announcer) Becks could easily play in a remake.

2.The Coconut Grove Little Friends: Giving props to Al Pacino’s Tony Montana quote in Oliver Stone’s Scarface, and also acknowledging the likely location of their owner’s residence. There are all sorts of marketing and smuggling directions you could head with this.

1. Miami Spice: Say no more, Posh will put her foot down. Iconic.

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