One Direction fans have even more concerns than late homework and puberty at the moment, poor Harry Styles seems to be neglecting his little tum tum.

Styles has sparked fears with new interview revelations that he uses a special drink to avoid the need to eat.

“Bullet coffee,” said Styles in a British interview published today. “It’s black coffee with a spoonful of butter in it and a spoonful of coconut oil, all mixed up together. I’ve been on it for two days. You don’t get hungry.”

Recent pics have shown Harry carrying the mystery drink and looking as thin and pasty as Donald Trump’s hair.

When Ginger Clam wants to avoid eating she just listens to One Direction’s latest album, the feelings of nausea and despair make munching impossible.

Upset 1D fans took to social media to ponder if poor Harry had issues with his body. The fact that the star has clearly been turning into Caitlyn Jenner for months seems to have escaped them.

Tabloid reports suggest that Styles boasts a waist of just 26 inches. That’s just 25 more inches than his ding dong.

1D star Liam Payne reveals in today’s Sunday Times:

“Basically, we are all a mess. Now we all need to go away, become mad old recluses, then come back again with giant beards. That’s the plan.”

Sounds like a great plan, Liam. Except the ‘coming back’ part.

* Meanwhile, Clam fans, get your butts over to, Alki David’s rioutous new movie Bob Thunder: Internet Assasin is out now and ready for you to watch. Preferably naked with some popcorn…

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