1D star Niall Horan seems to be facing some very public family battles this weekend.

The little singing leprechaun may have been surprised to read his brother Greg’s tweet on Sunday morning. It read:

‘I’ve been rejected by Niall since November 2010 and all the support I gave him down through the years there is the truth goodbye’

The message was quickly deleted, but not before Greg’s Greg’s 1.78M followers were expressing huge concern for the welfare of the lesser-known Horan sibling. 1D fans made #PrayForGreg a trending topic.

Later in the day, however, Greg seemed to have a change of tune. He tweeted:

‘Guys I’m grand stop worrying about me I love niall nothing wrong with us at all’

‘I need too clear this hole mess up once and for all guys’

‘I love niall so much and I’m so proud of him and the one thing that can’t be broken is the fact that we are brothers’

Ginger Clam is no expert, but perhaps such a brotherly discussion would have been best kept private rather than before an audience of millions.

Remember, dudes, bros before hoes. Or something like that. Hug it out, you beautiful Irish losers.

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