Popular streaming service, FilmOn TV is fighting back against a breach in its security by Netlify. The computing company, which offers services to apps and websites, is stealing the streaming service’s copyrighted material and distributing malware to its unsuspecting users. Media mogul Alki David, the founder and CEO of FilmOn, has issued a warning to its users to avoid using Netlify.

David has called Netlify “a dangerous malware operation…(that) is fraudulent and full of viruses.” He added that the company created a copycat app that looks similar to FilmOn’s app and can be found here on Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rosemoviesapps.filmontv&hl=en&gl=US. This app is not actually FilmOn; instead, the copycat app is using malicious activities to scam and trick the streaming service’s actual customers and potential users.

The businessman added that Netlify, which he called a suspicious malware operation that’s mimicking genuine websites and apps, including FilmOn, may contain viruses. So he has asked Netlifly to stop supporting fraudulent apps and websites that support copyright infringement, which he pointed out is an illegal act.

David also noted that the fraudulent app RoseMoviesapps https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rosemoviesapps.filmontv&hl=en&gl=US has no connection with FilmOn TV and this is an act of stealing copyright material.”

The media mogul and his team at FilmOn have reported their suspicions about Netlify’s activities regarding malware and copyright infringement to the authorities. He also asked genuine FilmOn users to help law enforcement in stopping Netlify by reporting the company’s fraudulent activities, in an effort to help stop artists’ original work from being stolen.

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