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In movies, art heists usually involve inside jobs, imposters and the crime solving team that eventually brings back the stolen works of priceless art, unscathed.

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This real life story has all of that, except for the end. 24 years ago, two men disguised as police arrived at the Isabelle Gardner Museum, tied up the security guards and over the next hour and 21 minutes proceeded to rob the museum of famous works, using box cutters to remove the paintings from their frames.

Works among the 13 stolen include Rembrandt’s “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” and Vermeer’s, “The Concert.” According to Fox, the heist was considered the most expensive collection stolen in history, ringing up at $500 million dollars in worth.

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Rumor has it that not all hope is lost for the artworks. FBI Special Agent Geoff Kelly, who has been on the case for more than 10 years, said that the trail has not gone cold and that the pieces have been sighted recently.

Out of three suspects, two have died and the third, Robert Gentile, 78, denies any knowledge of the missing art.

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While it’s already been more than two decades, with current sightings and a special agent on the job, we’re sure the stolen artwork will show up…any day now.

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