Hmmmm, well this is interesting. Jennifer ‘arse like sofa’ Lopez has just split up with her little toyboy Casper ‘not so’ Smart… Now she suddenly makes a surprise appearance wrapped around her ex-hubby Marc ‘looks like Prince after his death’ Anthony?

Clam isn’t saying it smells fishy, but that’s a tunatastic stench that we just can’t ignore.

JLo shocked crowds at the Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night during Marc Anthony’s “Private Collection” concert. The big-bummed singer appeared on stage and did a duet in Spanish with him.

This romantic gesture was followed by a very tasty hug. This all happened in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Whether she got a finger supper in his dressing room afterwards is anyone’s guess.

To add intrigue to the story, just two weeks ago, Marc showed up at JLo’s Vegas concert. We don’t know if he has his ding dong out, but let’s hope so.

Poor wee Casper must be crying into his diaper. TMZ reports rant he is trying to ‘resurrect’ his relationship with Jen.

The only thing being resurrected at the moment seems to be Marc Anthony’s weener into his ex wife.

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