Got a miserable ex-boss or a whinging pal who deserves a gift to remember this Christmas?

Hey presto: how about the new ‘Stank Prank Candle’ which is guaranteed to make their home smell ranker than an overweight reindeer’s sweaty ball-bag.

Yes Clam fans, ’tis the season to smelly and we’re celebrating by bringing you news of this fantastic gift, which is featured in a hilarious promotional video that’s currently doing the rounds on social media (see below).

The idea is simple: you present an unsuspecting victim with what looks like a sweet-smelling aromatic candle – but a few hours after they light it, the gift suddenly starts to emit a powerful smell of shit (and we’re talking pure Brown Town, here).

The video from online retailer VAT19 explains: “Your victim will bring this modern day Trojan horse into their home, then when you least expect it, it craps in their house.”


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