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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new show is actually about collaborating to create art, not money.

No, really.

Even before today, the girls just couldn’t swoon fast enough for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Dubbed “Boy Wonder” by GQ Magazine last year, JGL is winning again at life with his new show, HITRECORD ON TV. 

The first episode officially premiered last night, Jan. 18, on Pivot TV, a new channel launched by Participant Media. Headed by exec Evan Shapiro, it has been streaming online for free since early January, but viewers tuned in Saturday to watch it with commercials for the full, authentic TV-watching experience. (Pivot Tv is streaming live on Alki David’s FilmOn.)

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The show’s format is rather unconventional and garnering a lot of media attention.

JGL and his team of creative masterminds at his production company, hitRECord, don’t seem as focused on revolutionizing television as much as they are on creating, like, actual art: music, books, videos, and more. HITRECORD ON TV, like all other hitRECord projects, is completely crowd-sourced. Translation: They find their talent online and collaborate. The end.

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The premiere featured two episodes airing back-to-back on Pivot TV, to a warm, welcoming crowd. People are applauding the show’s innovative concept, but perhaps the most innovative part is that IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY. In each episode, segments are introduced with the tallied up number of contributors it took to make that segment possible. HITRECORD ON TV is actually about the contributors, so much that hitRECord splits the profits 50/50 with them.

Holy shit! A talented actor who can sing, play piano, guitar, AND supports the arts. Isn’t he dreamy?

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HITRECORD ON TV and Pivot are streaming live via FilmOn:

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