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As that old proverb goes, as a female in the public eye, you know you’ve made it when some major media outlet offers you a nude cover. Congratulations are in order then, not only to womankind, but specifically to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, for officially making it.

All things considered, the cover itself is fairly tasteful, being as it is on Rolling Stone‘s upcoming April 24th issue, and features the actress au-naturel (in that uniquely Hollywood-ized sort of way), with the US constitution inked across her back, presumably not for realz.

The actress, 53, joked (we hope) about the cover on Twitter:

The Veep star has since found herself (DUH) at the center (DUH) of a number (DUH) of controversies (DUH), the most pertinent of which has seen some people who seem to know what they’re talking about (including The Huffington Post, E! and Entertainmentwise, to name a few) draw attention to John Hancock‘s signature at the bottom of the tattoo. As history would have it, John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, NOT the constitution. Now, without being anything even remotely approaching an expert where American history is concerned, this does seem to represent something of a monumental mess up, and we suspect Rolling Stone‘s picture editor is not going to have a good day. Spare a few thoughts for someone who isn’t very good at their job. We all know that feeling.

In typical comedic fashion, Louis-Dreyfus was quick to handle the situation with cool nonchalance, even finding an opportunity to reference Veep‘s PR man, tweeting:

Aside from that (which, to be honest, has rather overshadowed all other responses), reactions have been largely positive, with concerns about the objectification of a 53-year-old woman whose career has largely been free of the selling of sex being tempered by the acknowledgement that we can only really see the very top of her butt crack, and a couple of symmetrical back dimples. Also, it’s probably worth noting that, if those are bedroom eyes, then Louis-Dreyfus has one funny and unconventional bedroom. Another day, another naked cover, another fact-checking error.

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