Prepare yourself for the song of 2015, Kanye West has given a sneak preview of what is sure to be the smash of the year.

Kanye interrupted a select gathering at the iHeartMedia Music Summit in LA to preview a sparkling new collaboration with Rihanna. Ginger Clam got moist with excitement as Mr. West stormed in unplanned, whipped out his laptop and hit play on a sizzling little number. The room buzzed with excitement.

RiRi and Kanye have a proud history of collaborating on special songs. Their last two tracks, Run This Town and All of the Lights, were huge international smashes.

The preview featured a version of the song with just acoustic guitar and lead melody. It reportedly boasts a ‘massive hook’. Kanye refused to reveal the name or release date details. He loves being a little tease, ole grumpy balls.

Kanye also told the assembled guests that his recent collaboration with Paul ‘wrinkly sack’ McCartney was a huge moment. He said he joked with the star asking him, “What was pussy like in the ’60s?”. Unfortunately he did not reveal what the Beatle said in reply. Clam would guess it was the same, just a lot hairier.

The West and McCartney collaboration is titled Only One, perhaps describing how many balls the pair have between them.

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