Mexican actress Karla Alvarez passed away Friday at the age of 41, according to Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Alvarez was known for her roles as the villain in numerous Spanish-language telenovelas and had been a key player in theater and television for more than 20 years, according to the Las Vegas Guardian Express.

Rumors surfaced that Alvarez struggled with alcoholism and an eating disorder. Her untimely death has been attributed to respiratory failure. TV Mix put together some tweets representing what the Latin community has been saying about Alvarez’s death.

Sadness overwhelms the Latino community.

“So sad RIP Karla Alvarez (came out on the novela “Que Bonito Amor”) – She died at the age 41 from respiratory failure…” 
– @emurgemagazine

The actress was an influential presence for many generations of Latinos:

“RIP Karla Alvarez, I’ve watched you on TV a lot with my mom, you were such a great actress and you were only 41 #weloveyou”

Other film and TV stars have also been paying their respects, Mexican actress tweeted Kate del Castillo said (translated to English), “You left too soon dear #KarlaAlvarez going to need here. I will never forget the moments.” Telenovela star Katie Barberi was at a loss for words at the actresses untimely death as she tweeted (translated), “Here peacefully tweeting when I hear of this tragedy. I cannot believe it, nor do I want to write it. Rest in peace Karla Alvarez.”

Mexican actor José Luis Reséndez put it nicely with, “My deepest condolences to the fam. My dear friend #karlaÁlvarez. We will always remember you with much love.”

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