Griffin conducted a Twitter AMA session online last month and told followers that the biggest douche celebrity she’s ever met was ‘Debbie Lovato‘. Apparently she was using the voice to text function on her iPhone and Siri heard the name as Debbie. Griffin also said that Lovato needs to “calm the F down” about Lady Gaga’s vomit-covered SXSW performance, since Lovato has said that Gaga’s actions glamorized bulimia and eating disorders.

After the comedienne posted her opinions to the internet, some Lovato fans – who have also been known to call themselves ‘Lovatics’, go figure – threatened to kill Griffin or told her to commit suicide.

We always knew it was those little teeny boppers that are the ones we should be afraid of.

Griffin spoke to Howard Stern on the issue, and provided him with a few of the hateful tweets sent her way.

According to US Weekly, some of the texts included, “@kathygriffin I will burn your house down c**t,” “@kathygriffin I will come to your house and rape you bitch #lovaticswantkathygriffindead,” and “@kathygriffin don’t you ever talk s**t about Demi again or else us Lovatics will kill you in your self. Get cancer please slit your f**king throat.”

The Bravo personality also made note that it was the police who contacted her, not the other way around. At a certain point, threats, especially ones so hateful, start being taken seriously by everyone, even if they are just on the internet. Despite all of this, Griffin says she has no problem with Lovato, but that the Disney star is not off-limits from her standup routine.

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