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Think of the L.A. Auto Show as the red carpet at the Oscars: car companies show off what they hope will be the latest trends while us mere mortals try to Instagram as many photos as possible to show that we’re in the loop. We all want to know “what’s next.” If Kate Winslet wears cobalt blue to the Oscars, by the next week, we are wearing cobalt blue everything (even underwear – you can check!). If Mercedes debuts a concept car that looks like it belongs to a rocket man, we all want our cars to look like they belong to a rocket man (and by the way, does the Mercedes Gran Turismo come in cobalt?).

This year’s L.A. Auto Show ends on December 1, and there was one car that really summed up the Los Angeles spirit. No, it wasn’t the 1963 Chevy Corvette Asteroid, even though its metallic bronze paint sparkled brighter than George Hamilton’s teeth. And it wasn’t the 2014 Honda Accord, which won the Green Car of the Year Award. Nope. It was the Youabian Puma.

The blue (not cobalt, but close) Puma on display at the L.A. Auto Show was quite the showstopper. Mostly because this car is huge. It’s six feet tall (think Blake Lively in heels) and 7.75 feet across (think Blake Lively in heels wearing a Carmen Miranda fruit hat). The wheels are 20 inches high! That’s about as tall as Abigail Breslin was in Little Miss Sunshine, give or take a centimeter.

But what truly set the Puma apart was its striking resemblance to Joan River’s face. The car was developed by plastic surgeon Kami Youabian, who did not hold back when it came to giving the vehicle a little va va voom in the curves department. Auto-Show-goers couldn’t tell if the car was meant to look inflated or injected, but the amount of weight added on by the Botox makes the Puma a terrible idea in terms of saving on fuel. The bloated car only gets 22 mpg highway and a stunning 14 mpg in the city.

Puma’s website claims that this car may “not be the fastest in the world, but the most unique, just like its owners.” Set at $1.1 million, we are wondering who can afford to take care of this monster (the car! Not Joan Rivers).

No one seems to want to actually purchase the car, but people have been inspired by the car’s unnatural plastic bubble style. Celebrities are already flocking Dr. Youabian’s Los Angeles office, asking for the Puma treatment. First in line: Lindsay Lohan’s mouth.

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