Hollywood’s favourite party girl Lindsay Lohan has been forced to pull out of a performance of her new comeback stage play in London after being ordered to rest by doctors.

You might think that Li-Lo deserves a bit of slack after falling sick with a mystery illness, but it hasn’t stopped commentators putting the boot into the 28-year-old actress, speculating that there’s more twists and turns to come.

A blogger at that bastion of propriety, the Washington Post, writes: “Though it’s only one night that she’ll miss so far, we’ve seen this story before – notably on her own docu-series this summer, where a major theme was her unreliability. We’ll see how this one plays out, but when it coms to comeback stories, there are generally multiple twists and turns along the way.”

Lindsay had announced in a tweet that she would be skipping yesterday’s performance of Speed The Plow at the Playhouse Theatre. The star wrote: “So sorry everyone but I’m too ill to perform and down for the count. Dr wants me to rest. Won’t make shows 2nt but please enjoy #speedtheplow.”

So far here’s been no official clarification as to the exact cause of LiLo’s illness. There has, however, been plenty of reaction to recent bullshit rumours that she’s been dating Tom Cruise after bumping into him at posh London restaurant the Chiltern Firestation.

Hollywood Life quotes a source stating that the rumours ‘may be the most insanely funny lie ever told. Tom is not going to date Lindsay Lohan.’

Never mind Li-Lo – there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

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PS – if you are wondering about the cute cartoon character is in our photo of Lindsay, it’s Ginger Clam, TV Mix’s new gossip and social media columnist.


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