Floyd Mayweather Jr. (45-0) or “Money” Mayweather as he calls himself, has managed to sidestep any formidable opponent in their prime. Pacquiao has moved on and has signed a contract to fight the undefeated WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand Casino on April 12 in Las Vegas.

The boxing world has been calling for Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao (55-5-2) to get into the ring to see who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, but each time Mayweather finds a way to avoid fighting the best.

“I offered Manny Pacquiao the fight before. We didn’t see eye to eye on the terms. I offered him $40 million. He said he wanted 50-50. So we didn’t make the fight happen.”

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Another copout for Mayweather, who has made hundreds of millions by his brash talk and hand-picking opponents he knows he can defeat.

From Oscar De La Hoya, to Sugar Shane Mosley, to Miguel Cotto — none of those fighters were in their prime when they fought. In his last fight against Saul Canelo Alvarez, Mayweather chose a young fighter not yet in his prime.

When Pacquiao and Mayweather were both at their peak, Mayweather always found an excuse to avoid him.

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Bradley won a controversial split decision victory over Pacquaio in 2012 that caused an uproar, which was a clear victory for PacMan.

The fight was so lopsided three blind mice could have scored the bout better. A panel of five judges watched the fight again and all scored the fight in favor of Pacquiao.

Instead of a rematch, Pacquiao took on rival Juan Manuel Marquez who looked like a 25-year-old bodybuilder on steroids and was viciously knocked out.

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Fighting someone on steroids will do that to you, and in Marquez’s last fight against Bradley, stricter drug testing guidelines were put in place; Marquez’s physique drastically changed, and Bradley took the victory.

And “Money” Mayweather? Last week he was off in South Africa or “the motherland,” calling himself “TBE” — the best ever.

“I wouldn’t fight Floyd Mayweather,” Mayweather said, “They said Floyd Mayweather’s record could never be broken without the Pacquiao fight and as you have seen what we did, the fight done crazy numbers.”

Yes Floyd, keep talking, keep flapping those gums, champ.

One day, when we look back in boxing history, don’t look for Mayweather to be in the discussion for the greatest. Undefeated, but chose all his opponents.

That’s the great thing about mixed martial arts…The best have to fight each other, anything else just wouldn’t be civilized.

David Kano is lead writer for MMA Show News and co-host of The Hollywood MMA Show. You can follow him on Twitter @TheDKano.

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