Turns out Hollywood temptress Margot Robbie packs a mean punch – who knew!

According to the Daily Mirror, actor Alex Skarsgård ended up with a nasty bruise during a sex scene with Margot on the set of forthcoming movie, The Legend of Tarzan.

Apparently director David Yates told the striking actress to slap her co-star during a raunchy love sequence. By the sounds of it Margot ended up getting a little carried away.

Yates said: “I said [to Robbie], ‘Just slap Alex while you’re making love, just kind of give him a punch’ … the only bruise he picked up during the entire shoot was probably that punch from Margot.”

Luckily the Swedish born hunk was impressed and even praised the actress for causing the damage (either that or he’s now scared shitless!).

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