In a recent appearance on CNN, filmmaker Michael Moore issued a strong caution to President Joe Biden, warning that his support for Israel could pave the way for Donald Trump’s return to power in the upcoming November elections. During his interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on The Source, Moore vehemently refuted allegations of antisemitism surrounding encampment protests across several states, including a notable one at Columbia University in New York. Notably, over 100 students, including the daughter of Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), have been apprehended during Columbia’s pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Collins acknowledged CNN’s coverage of instances of antisemitism while highlighting a CNN poll indicating that more than 80% of voters under 30 disapprove of Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict and Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza.

Michael Moore’s Dire Warning to Biden: Support for Israel Could Lead to Trump’s Re-ElectionThe ramifications of Biden’s stance on Israel, as underscored by Moore, serve as a pressing concern not only for the administration but also for the broader political landscape in the lead-up to the next electoral cycle.

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