Ginger Clam loves a good catfight and all signs point to a mega hot one brewing across the Atlantic. Miley ‘wild child’ Cyrus and Taylor ‘so dull my tits might fall off’ Swift look set to be heading for a heavyweight showdown at the VMAs.

The NY Daily News is reporting that after months of hostility the Cyrus v Swift battle will come to a head next Sunday at the world’s biggest music awards show.

Cyrus is the official VMA host and she has been warming up by slagging off the expected big winner on the evening – Little Miss Swift.

Bad Blood, Taylor’s aptly named new single, is the most nominated clip of the year, but Cyrus has been slamming the song left, right and centre. Clam loves little mental Miley!

The naughty minx started by slating the track to Marie Claire magazine:

“I don’t get the violence revenge thing. That’s supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my t—–s out?. I’m not sure how t—–s are worse than guns.”

Amusingly, the song was actually written about another Taylor enemy, Katy Perry. Luckily Taylor will have new lover Calvin ‘as tall as he’s dull’ Harris in tow to protect her from any bitch slaps.

Cyrus knows what she is doing by causing VMA drama – a similarly controversial performance at the 2013 VMAs saw Miley enjoy a 40% increase in streams of her music.

Ginger Clam will be in the front row next week to bring you all the latest from the VMA catfight, come sit on her knee. Alternatively, you can rest at home on the toilet and watch the VMAs on

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