Ginger Clam reckons that the ideal show for Miley ‘oops, that’s my nipple’ Cyrus to join would be Jerry Springer, but it seems that TV execs have other ideas. The little pop minx is set to lead leading music show The Voice as a new judge.

Miley certainly guarantees entertainment for the dull platform, Clam is wet with anticipation at the naked chaos the star is sure to bring to the telly extravaganza.

A source revealed that Cyrus has signed a “megabucks” deal and is “guaranteed to bring fun mayhem”. Yawn. As long as she gets her baps out then we’ll be happy.

Miley will be joined by Alicia Keys as a new judge on the 11th series. Which is ironic because Alicia is exactly as dull as Miley is electric. It’s like mixing tequila with warm breast milk. That’s not a bad idea, actually.

The two pop ladies with replace Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. Meanwhile, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have confirmed that they will remain on the show. How exciting.

Shelton and Levine each make $13 million per season, which isn’t bad for talking drivel and destroying the music industry for an hour a week.

Cyrus is probably just being paid in shots and blunts. We salute you Miley baby, do us proud on The Voice.

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