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One of Nicki Minaj‘s (no doubt, many) ex stylists has just revealed that he plans on taking the woman to court and suing her for $30 Million because she’s been selling wigs that he claims to have designed (without his consent, obviously).

Terence Davidson began making wigs for the rapper in 2010, with his designs making appearances on Minaj’s head at numerous public events, and in her video for “Super Bass.”

According to Davidson, he and Minaj had planned to go into the wig making-and-selling business together, but claims that Minaj has since stolen his designs to go it alone in the cyber marketplace (i.e. the Internet).

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According to the legal documents filed in Atlanta, based on the advice of one of Minaj’s representatives, Davidson says he also declined the chance to have his own reality TV show, with Minaj promising him a joint show about celebrity wig styling.

Months later in 2012, however, he says Minaj and her posse “took active steps to isolate [him] and preclude him from the notoriety he deserved for his wig designs.”

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Davidson’s lawyer, the brilliantly-named Christopher Chestnut, argues that Davidson’s wigs basically sold a significant proportion of Minaj’s records for her, and that the star “took a number of his popular wig designs, without his consent, and used them to start her own wig line.” They then asked some highly precise mathematicians to crunch some numbers and settled on $30 Million as the estimated figure of those accrued losses.

“Her lawyers may complicate it, but we don’t need to get into intellectual-property law. This is basic American morality. Nicki Minaj lied to this man and cheated him,” he said.

No word yet on what Camp Nicki make of all of this, but one thing’s for sure: hair politics haven’t been this exciting since Britney went bald.

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