At the end of season 1 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, we had a lot of questions. The dramatic cliffhanger leaves us wondering how much blood protagonist Piper Chapman has on her hands, and what the ramifications will be. Additionally, what’s going to happen regarding the love triangle that emerged among Piper, ex-lover and felon Alex Vause and good-hearted, yet naive fiance Larry.

Orange is the New Black, which premiered last summer, is set to return on June 6. A teaser released for the show revealed, well, almost nothing. A few quick shots of regulars, but no real answers.

Orange is one of many recent Netflix originals series that has fans clamoring for more. The show tells the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a yuppie who finds herself in prison a decade after taking part in a drug smuggling ring with her then-lover, Alex Vause. Her life gets put on hold, including her engagement to fiance Larry and her involvement in a bath and beauty product line. Chapman runs into a lot of characters in prison, including Vause (Laura Prepon), with whom she reignites a fiery, yet troubled relationship. The show is loosely based on the real-life story of Piper Kerman.

Netflix’s binge-supporting system of delivering all the episodes of a season at once has been working out well. The online network dropped season 2 of House of Cards on Valentine’s Day and fans have spent the weekend devouring it all. Those who made it to the end were the first to learn about Orange‘s premiere, as the announcement ran after the season finale of House of Cards.

Despite not being featured in the trailer and despite rumors that she would only appear in four episodes, series creator Jenji Kohan says Laura Prepon will be back for “most” of the second season.

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