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In case you haven’t looked at the Internet during the past week, Sunday’s Academy Awards have pretty much taken over all social media.

Twitter was especially inundated with posts about the biggest night in Hollywood. For those looking to either keep updated or to annoyingly live tweet the ceremony, the Twittersphere was where the party was at if you weren’t attending the real deal.

While you might expect celebs to put their phones down for a few hours while they’re busy working the red carpet and winning awards, some of them found the time to post what is probably the most famous selfie to date, especially considering no one has talked about anything since.

Pretty much.

We can thank Ellen for this.

Even her page wouldn’t load for many users.

Apparently Twitter couldn’t handle the best selfie in history either.

There’s always that one person who isn’t happy with anything.

Do older generations “get it”?

Here’s another one; we guess you just can’t please everyone.

Well, it was set in the silent vacuum known as outer space.


Oh, and then U2 performed or whatever.

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