It’s one year since Wesley Warren Jnr passed away – but his story continues to attract huge attention on social media.

Wesley, 49, from Las Vegas, was the subject of a TV documentary after his scrotum swelled to the size of a space hopper due to a medical condition called scrotal lymphedema.

He was forced to support his testicles in a harness made from an upside-down hooded top that he wore to enable him to walk.

Wesley (pictured above at an ATM) told interviewers: “One morning I sat up a lot quicker than I normally would and my right leg slammed down on top of my right testicle, causing excruciating sharp pain.

“I went to sleep … and when I got up my testicle sack grew to literally the size of a soccer ball.”

His scrotum eventually reached the size and weight of ‘a large 200lb sack of potatoes’ before it was surgically removed. Sadly, Wesley died a year later after being weakened by diabetes and heart attacks. You can see video of Wesley below.

RIP brave fella – gone but not forgotten.

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