Outspoken comedian Roseanne Barr recently appeared on The Michael Knowles Show, where she didn’t hold back her opinions about the activist co-hosts of “The View.” Known for her blunt commentary, Barr criticized the show’s hosts for their reactions to former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in the Manhattan hush-money case.

Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts were visibly elated following the verdict, with even those who identify as Republicans supporting the outcome, which has been criticized by numerous legal experts. Barr, now starring in the new DailyWire+ animated comedy “Mr. Birchum,” joined Knowles on Tuesday to discuss her new show and various hot topics.

Barr expressed her strong belief that Trump is a crucial figure in preventing the nation’s downfall. “We’re in living history,” she remarked during the podcast. “It’s quite biblical.” She continued, “It’s a terrible miscarriage of justice, what’s happened to President Trump. Making a mockery of our judicial system, what they’ve done. And that’s stunning and disappointing to all Americans who love our constitutional republic and our Constitution and everything that hangs on it.”

The comedian argued that leftists are actively trying to “destroy America,” viewing it as the only obstacle to their vision of a global, one-world government. “America is the only thing that stands in the way of their global one-world Nazi government,” she stated.

Barr also found a silver lining in the current political climate, noting that recent events have led to activists “exposing themselves” and their true agendas. She didn’t shy away from critiquing the women of “The View,” emphasizing the lack of balanced representation on the show.

“I thought America was about being fair and showing two sides… because it is that way in reality. I felt like on television it was your duty to represent two sides and not like, be ‘The View,'” Barr commented.

Her fiery remarks on the show and her staunch defense of Trump highlight her continued influence and controversial stance on current political issues.

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