Here’s a seasonal viral video to warm your heart over Christmas.  If you love animals then spare a moment to watch this hilarious compilation of cute pets causing chaos.

The action kicks off with a viral clip of a white moggy singing ‘Jingle Bells’, with the help of a little computer wizardry.

What follows next is a 14-minute roller-coaster ride which includes a cat that washes the dishes, a feline that dances to the tune from Benny Hill – and a whole host of other madness.

Ok, we realise it’s hardly the world’s most important news story. But what the hell – it’s Christmas. You’ve gotta do something to while away all that time in between all that festive feasting.

The video has been notching up thousands of plays on social media during the build up to December 25.

Watch and enjoy – and don’t forget that you can watch great TV during Christmas and throughout the year at, where there are hundreds of free channels to choose from.

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