Sarah Palin made controversial criticisms yesterday about the current Biden administration while appearing on ‘Fox News Primetime. The former Alaska Governor expressed that she feels President Joe Biden is being subjected to elder abuse.

During her appearance on the Fox News program, Palin stated: “Those clips with President Biden … are really are painful to watch – watching him speak and read the teleprompter, I get a cold sweat. It’s difficult for me to watch … it’s elder abuse, where they trod him out there and expect him to be articulate about anything, [which] is tough to watch.”

The former Vice Presidential candidate from the 2008 election also shared her own critiques over the Biden administration’s crisis at the Mexican border. She also mocked Vice President Kamala Harris’ part in border control at the southern border.

“Let me address the point [about] … Kamala being sent to the border but not doing a doggone thing; she didn’t show up in the right place anyway,” the politician said as she expressed her opinion about the border. She then questioned: “But then, President Biden is now sending the rest of the team down to the border trying to figure it out. What’s to figure out?”

Palin also shared her support of former President Donald Trump by saying he had the answer about border patrol. “Any reasonable, common-sense constitutional conservative has the answer, and that’s you build the wall, you pay attention to what’s going on at the border and you go from there. What is so difficult about that? What am I missing?”

In addition to Palin, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce also expressed her discontent with the current Biden administration. The conservative political commentator told “The Faulkner Focus” yesterday that the president didn’t expect for Americans to protest the vaccine mandate.

“Someone has locked that door and they keep throwing things at us to keep us down. The American people have seen this now too and they recognize it,” Bruce stated during her appearance on the show.

The radio host added: “There seems to be a presumption by the Biden administration that the American people will fold, that we’ll cave. They did not anticipate our not wanting to be coerced.

“This nation was founded based on not wanting to be forced into doing things and wanting genuine representation … We are not just going to refuse something for the sake of it. But, we have to be convinced and persuaded to do certain things,” Bruce continued.

“What the Biden administration is doing, for some reason, is choosing first to force, to jam us into something and that, of course, is having a backlash. What I think they expected is that people wouldn’t quit their job or they wouldn’t say no. And, of course, we’re seeing that across the board,” Bruce concluded.

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