Snoop Dogg is defending himself against a woman who has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. The 17-time Grammy Award-nominated rapper is setting out to prove that woman,  who’s claiming that he forced oral sex on her, is only accusing him of the crime because she’s looking for a payout.

The allegation came out at as suspect time, as Snoop Dogg is participating in the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday, February 13. Plus, the woman is asserting that the crime occurred on May 29 2013, and she waited almost nine years to file a lawsuit against him.

The alleged victim, who’s only identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, is claiming that her interaction with Snoop Dog occurred after she attended one of his shows in Anaheim, California. She continued by saying that after the concert, Bishop Don Juan, who’s one of the musician’s longtime associates, offered her a ride home. She added that she fell asleep in the car, and when she awoke, they were actually at Bishop’s home, not hers.

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