As many clam fans know, April 20 or ‘4/20’ was ‘National Weed Day’ which is cherished by super stoners all over America – where ganja smokers come together to celebrate their beloved sweet sweet Mary Jane.

It was the city of London however that was making all the noise this week, as web pranksters Trollstation accompanied by rapper Black the Ripper had the audacity to hot box a pod on the London Eye.

The crazy dudes from the UK decided to take a little trip to one of the capitals main attractions, danced around and smoked a tonne of joints … which sounds a lot like one of Miley Cyrus‘ wet dreams!

Self confessed bad boy Black the Ripper stated: “Who else has hot boxed the London Eye? No one! Come on, Trollstation.”

In classic fashion the gang got the munchies but these fellas weren’t messing about- they came prepared with mass packs of Doritos!

According to the Metro the cops are aware of the incident but aren’t investigating, yet!

* Watch the video below then head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos, plus live interactive TV.

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