Meet Super-Conan! The Ginger Clam’s favourite TV host got professionally suited up by the geniuses from Ironhead studios (the dudes who created Batman’s costume!) and boy did he look menacing.

Safe to say Conan wasn’t too thrilled venturing over to the less glamorous side of California where the studio is based, he said:  “The building just farted, that’s how shitty it is here.”

After jerking around for a while, including putting Matt Damon‘s head on top of a Wonder Woman (watch the crazy video below), it was time for the Ironhead team to make Conan’s costume for Comic-Con.

Unsurprisingly the whacky dude had some pretty weird requests, he said: “I’m imagining that with some actors you enhance a certain region down south. I would like that to be enhanced almost to the point where the movie couldn’t be released.

“One area that I haven’t brought up is that I have no ass.” After one of the female worker laughed at his behind, he added: “Why does it always have to be haha look at the freak?”

After the incredible suit was finished Conan couldn’t wait to show everyone his new butt and over-sized package, getting up real close and personal with some lucky fans.

However it was the majestic ginger quiff that did it for us, simply glorious!

* Watch the hilarious video below and in the meantime log onto where there are hundreds of FREE TV channels to watch.

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