Kim Kardashian sparked controversy today for editing out her own child in a photograph she posted on picture site Instagram.

A cropped image appears to show the star’s daughter North West snipped out of the shot, so that only Kim can be seen in frame. Fans were left stunned and posted a string of shocked and angry responses.

Kim was taking her child to Disney On Ice at the time alongside her nephew Mason and niece Penelope Disick.

The star posted a number of pictures of the kids throughout the evening, but a final sultry snap showed that Kardashian had cut down one side to focus all attention on her own sultry pose.

Criticism from fans erupted after the amended picture was uploaded:

“Are you seriously that narcissistic and VAIN? You crop out your own child so everyone can focus more on you? Ick… Pathetic.”

Another user wrote:

“Just because you be looking all cute doesn’t mean you gotta crop your daughter out of the picture.”

Ginger Clam would prefer for the 34-year-old star to start editing out her own face from photographs as well. Please just leave your glorious bottom in the image, Kimmy baby, it’s all anyone really cares about.

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