Stop by the celebrity favorite Earthbar’s WeHo Store: meet the CBD oil experts, and try a sample of the most potent CBD oil available– for “The Higher Good”

Swissx, the finest CBD oil available, launches at Earthbar Health Supply Co. in Brentwood and West Hollywood today. The vitamin and wellness shop that pioneered an industry will carry the full line of Swissx CBD products alongside its other top quality products.

Today’s event will take place at Earthbar West Hollywood 8365 Santa Monica Blvd. from 11-2 PM. Meet our team, learn more about how the most potent (at 65% pure) best tasting CBD oil on the market can work into your wellness regimen, and try Swissx.

“Earthbar is an incredibly influential store and a favorite of people who care about their health and wellness–including many celebrity friends,” said Hannah Ashby, SVP of Sales and Marketing of Swissx “It is known for its knowledgeable and caring staff, and I’m proud to have our products there.”

Swissx CBD oil products are made entirely from hemp seeds from our custom strains and processed with our patented technique–and blended with organic Greek bee pollen and coconut oil to maximize health benefits. Learn more at

While most CBD oils are only 10% CBD, Swissx’s oil is 65% pure CBd. Swissx CBD oil’s potency (and lack of any psychoactive compounds) makes it a powerful addition in your wellness routine. CBD of this grade has been used to boost the immune system, fight anxiety and PTSD. Swissx scientists are aiding the National Cancer Institute in its research into the use of cannabinoids in helping with the side effects of cancer treatments.

For sales and partnership inquiries contact:
Hannah Ashby 323-903-1306

For media inquiries contact: Tom Paul Jones 310-383-4991

Earthbar West Hollywood is at 8365 Santa Monica Blvd. (323) 301-4980

Earthbar Brentwood is at 11640 San Vicente Blvd. (310) 826-3549