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Amy Winehouse hologram project scuttled by FilmOn’s Alki David

by Tom Paul Jones Out of respect for the wishes of the singer’s family, the CEO withdraws from discussions for high tech resurrection performances.

Michael Jackson’s image at center of Cirque du Soleil copyright lawsuit

By Todd Gilchrist FilmOn founder Alki David filed a lawsuit Tuesday against MGM Resorts for using trademarked technology in its hologram of the late pop star

Brandon Howard breaks silence on Michael Jackson DNA claims (Exclusive interview)

by Audrey Palmer In a video interview, the singer, also known as B. Howard, talks Miki Howard, his relationship with the Jackson family, the famous Thriller video and moonwalking

Brandon Howard DNA controversy: Who is telling the truth about Michael Jackson’s son?

By Tom Paul Jones A DNA testing service breaches its own confidentiality clauses to accuse FilmOn of wrongdoing; CEO Alki David asks who is behind the allegations

Brandon Howard: 7 things you need to know about Michael Jackson’s secret son

by Gabi Chepurny A recent controversy involving the singer known as B Howard and Michael Jackson's DNA has proved that the late King of Pop will never be out of the limelight

Brandon Howard/Michael Jackson DNA controversy: Akon releases statement

by Audrey Palmer The rapper weighed in on the evidence presented by FilmOn that the young pop singer is the son of the King of Pop

Brandon Howard and Michael Jackson DNA controversy: Twitter weighs in on “Billie Jean’s” son

by Gabi Chepurny After FilmOn revealed DNA proof that the singer was fathered by the King of Pop on live TV, social media opinion was polarized

Brandon Howard confirmed to be Michael Jackson’s son by DNA test at FilmOn Studios

by Audrey Palmer Singer B. Howard is actually the late pop star's son, according to DNA test results opened at the FilmOn studio today in Beverly Hills

Is he Michael Jackson’s son? Brandon Howard’s DNA test results to be opened live on

By Tom Paul Jones In a stunning turn of events for Jackson fans, a 31 year-old son emerges who could potentially claim the throne

FilmOn’s new Teleport Technology changes the way you’ll watch TV forever

by Tom Paul Jones FilmOn’s new service shakes up the television industry. Rivals scared.
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