World famous DJ David Guetta was delighted when he was told that his good pal DJ Tiesto was going to sail over for a visit on his yacht.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as they planned. As Tiesto and his crew were about to berth at the dock at Guetta’s waterside home in Miami, the motor stalled and they were unable to stop the boat from crashing.

Consequently they slammed into the “Sexy Chick” producer’s private pier.

Tiesto posted a photo of Guetta on his Instagram, where he is seen laughing whilst standing on the broken dock (below).


Guetta also posted one with the caption: “Life is beautiful when friends come say hi!!! Just a little expensive!”

guetta 2

After the pictures were taken, the musician jumped on board and they all sped off to a party. Here at Ginger Clam we’re planning to celebrate by going splashing around in a rowing boat.

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