Hollywood star Tom Hardy is currently shooting season three of critically acclaimed TV show Peaky Blinders.

During one of his latest appearances on set, the actor and his colleague Jack Anderson decided to take a break from filming to send a message to MMA fighter Jack McGann, who is fighting at Lonsdale sponsored BAMMA 23 on Saturday.

Hardy is an avid MMA fan and is friends with McGann. The fighter is one of Britain’s hottest talents within combat sport, and the video is sure to get him even more fired up as he prepares to enter the octagon.

The fight will be shown live from the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, UK, on Lonsdale’s official Facebook page.

Peaky blinders is based on a Birmingham based crime gang’s exploits after the First World War.

Watch the message below, meanwhile you can visit FilmOn.com’s Martial Arts channel here

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