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Chris Hardwick of Comedy Central’s @midnight begun the social media quest for the next bowl. The hashtag, which lamp-shades some of the lamer names attached to the BCS era’s lesser corporate sponsored bowls has created some classic tweets. Here are some of the best that we’ve seen.

1. So apparently FUBU wasn’t the only clothing label that took the “For Us By Us” mantra to heart Bowl

2. The ride on horses through a field of flowers Bowl

3. #dontgetfired Bowl

4. I wish my boyfriend was more like you Bowl

5. I actually prefer their older stuff Bowl

6. Maybe they should have shouted “this isn’t a library” Bowl

7. The “why isn’t this a real thing?” Bowl

Kyle Robinson is by day a not-so mild mannered drone for one of the world’s largest tech companies; by night, he’s a sports enthusiast/wrestling smark/videogame geek/travel nut/chicken connoisseur/ comic book nerd and self- proclaimed “hopefully non-threatening black man”. Follow him @tckexperience for tweets that he hopes get more RTs, because that’s how he validates his existence.

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