He might be the No1 favourite with viewers of ITV’s BAFTA-winning show The Only Way Is Essex, but reality star James Argent has reportedly been warned that he faces the boot by TV chiefs over his constant partying.

Fresh from sparking a police manhunt last month after going missing while on the way to an airport, it’s today been reported that Arg has been suspended indefinitely and will not appear in episodes of TOWIE this week.

According to The Sun, Arg has been warned that he now faces the axe unless he reins things in.

“Bosses are sick of him turning up late for filming and pals fear his wild lifestyle is out of control,” reports the paper.

Arg is evidently now on a final warning, with a source telling The Sun: “He’s been living in he fast lane for the past four years … he needs to get back on track or else he’ll be out of a job.”

Arg, 26, caused a police alert last month when he failed to turn up for a flight. It later emerged he went to the wrong airport by mistake and fell sleep after checking into a nearby hotel.

The star, whose on–off relationship with Lydia Bright has fascinated viewers over the years, was unavailable for comment this morning, but a source close to him told TV Mix: “Arg is hugely popular with fans, so ITV would be crazy to get rid of him. He’s actually very professional and takes his work very seriously, despite the odd blip.”

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PS: If you are wondering who the cute cartoon character is on Arg’s shoulder in out photo, it’s Ginger Clam – TV Mix’s new showbiz and social media columnist.


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